Managing Director

Welcome to the Mayanja Memorial Hospital Foundation web portal, The name Mayanja was derived from the name of my Father the Late Martin Luther Mayanja who had left a will compelling the founder Dr. Mugerwa Benon to set up a Hospital and name it Mayanja Memorial Hospital, the hospital was to provide health services.

The hospital was finally established in 2003, by Dr. Mugerwa Benon, his wife Barbra Mugerwa, and the Board of Directors. It had to operate on a private basis.One year after i.e.in 2004, Mayanja Memorial Hospital Foundation was established with the aim of helping the Hospital to reach out to the communities to offer community-based health services to the vulnerable populations therein.

Starting as a Community Based Organization operating only in what is now known as the greater Mbarara District, MMHF had within the same year registered as a Regional NGO covering the districts of South Western Uganda. Four years down the road, MMHF was elevated and allowed to operate as National NGO in the year 2008 a status that enabled it to scale up to some other parts of Central Uganda.

The Foundation since its inception has been able to implement a number of programs on HIV/AIDS responses and awareness, Maternal Health Rights, and Improving response to services of the Orphaned and Vulnerable populations where a number of goals and objectives in terms of Health services awareness creation, Care and Support in the communities have been achieved.

Therefore, this Web-based Communication system will assist in disseminating information, creating awareness, and strengthening the Response of Health services within our operational areas and the whole country at large. I wish to extend my gratitude to the staff; Board of Directors and Development partners for the support extended as far as achievements of the Foundation are concerned.